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Security Through Stealth

Backup Stealth is the ability to render your backups "Non-Existent" to the computer system they are stored on, unless a backup proccess is currently in progress. This is critical to keeping your backups out of the reach of malicious software such as ransomware and viruses.

The concept of "You Can't Hit What You Can't See" applies to malicious software, meaning that the software can never target an item (Your Backup) if it does not know the item exists. One client has appropriately referred to this as the "Jedi Mind Trick for Backups". Malicious programs that attack your files can only attack those files that it can see.

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Seamless Backup Integration

Backups are automatically placed into "Stealth Mode" upon completion, and rendered "Visible" to your system only when a backup is in progress. If our program were to ever fail for any reason, your backup is still secured and safe. THis is the deffinition of true security!

Our Backup Stealth is the leading approach to Shadow Disk's success in defeating the attempts of ransomware and viruses. If you are ever attacked or targeted by malicious software, simply restart your computer and perform a recovery of your system. Its really that easy!

Stealth Perks

  • Protected from Malicious Programs
  • Seamless Integration
  • Indepenent from Program Functionality
  • Shadow Disk Exclusive Method
Is Backup Stealth Included In All Service Plans?

Yes, Backup Stealth is included in all service plans, and is established during the techincal support install.

Does Backup Stealth Prevent Backup Deletion?

Yes, As long as the Backup Stealth is enabled. You cannot delete an item that "does not exist".

Is backup Stealth Required?

Backup Stealth is not required, however it is highly encouraged that you use this Shadow Disk Exclusive feature. There is nothing to lose by using this feature!

Does Backup Stealth Impact My Ability to Backup or Recover?

No, the backup and recovery proccess is the same regardless of Backup Stealth settings.

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