Shadow Disk Sonar

Prevent Your Backups Fom Being Visible During A Ransomware Attack
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File System Monitoring

Shadow Disk Sonar is a addition to Shadow Disk Backup that allows for the detection of malicious software activity, and the implementation of "Halting" backups until you acknowledge that either you have been a victim of malicious software, or it is a false alarm. This is critical for keeping your backups secured.

Shadow Disk Sonar is an offline program, and does not send or relay any information about your files or their contents to any database, server, or entity. It is simply monitoring your file system for changes, modifications, or deletions of bulk amounts of files, similar to the effects of ransomware or other malicious software.

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Seamless Sonar Integration

Shadow Disk Sonar is designed to observe and maintain watch over the most data sensitive areas: Documents, Downloads, Desktop, Pictures, and Videos folders. If any activity is observed by Shadow Disk Sonar to resemble the same activity as that of ransomware or viruses, Shadow Disk Sonar with disable automatic backups, alert technical support, and notify you immediately.

Our Shadow Disk Sonar is the background approach to Shadow Disk's success in defeating the attempts of ransomware and viruses. If you are ever attacked or targeted by malicious software, Shadow Disk Sonar with "Lock Down" your backups, keeping them hidden and safe from danger. It's really that easy!

Sonar Perks

  • Protected from Malicious Programs
  • Seamless Integration
  • Indepenent from Program Functionality
  • Added Security Value
Is Shadow Disk Sonar Included In All Service Plans?

Yes, Shadow Disk Sonar is included in all service plans, and is established during the technical support install.

Does Shadow Disk Sonar send my file information anywhere?

No, your file system, its contents, details, etc. are never sent to any location offline, or online. Your privacy is incredibly important to us, and we want to keep that trust!

Is Shadow Disk Sonar Required?

Shadow Disk Sonar is not required, however it is highly encouraged that you use this added security feature. There is nothing to lose by using this feature!

Does Shadow Disk Sonar Impact My Ability to Backup or Recover?

Yes, If Shadow Disk Sonar detects any threats, it will disable automatic backups until either technical support or the computer user instructs the program to resume normal operation, or until a restoration is completed.

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