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Bootable Recovery Environment

Shadow Disk is dedicated to making our software as easy as possible to use for every client. We offer a bootable recovery environemt that is as simple as restarting your computer! Ofter a USB or DVD is not required, and no setting adjustments are required on your compuer to launch the bootable recovery!

Our Bootable Recovery is among very few in the backup sector that allows for such seamless use. When you power on your computer, it will ask you if you would like to "Boot Windows" or "Boot Shadow Disk Recovery". No adjustmnts or "Anticipation Commands" are required to tell your computer to present these options. During install, it will make these adjustments automatically! If you dont respond within 30 seconds, it will simply load Windows by default.

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Recovery Technical Support

Our Bootable Recovery Environment also comes with Technical Support options that allow for you to recieve support when recovering your computer. Similar to our In-Windows program, you can reach Technical Support with one click!

Our technical support can assist you by phone or by remote service, and allow for an easy and fulfilling recovery experience with no hassle, frustration, or undue effort. Imagine being able to recover your computer within 2 hours, where similar consumers WITHOUT Shadow Disk may spend hundreds or thousands of dollars trying to recover thieir data!

Bootable Recovery Perks

  • Very simple to use
  • Seamless Integration
  • Indepenent from Program Functionality
  • Technical Support Available
Is Shadow Disk Recovery Included In All Service Plans?

Yes, Shadow Disk Recovery is included in all service plans, and is established during the techincal support install.

Is Shadow Disk Recovery Technical Support Available for all Service Plans?

No, Shadow Disk Bootable Recovery Technical Support is only available with the Full Service Plan. You are welcome to use the Bootable Recovery without technical support with other plans.

Is Shadow Disk Recovery Required?

Yes, Shadow Disk Recovery is required, however it is a program that you will only use to recover from disasters such ad ransomware or critical system failures.

Does Shadow Disk Recovery Require a USB or DVD?

No, In most cases Shadow Disk Recovery will not require a DVD or USB. In some cases the requirement may call for a USB or DVD, however in lab testing the need for removable media was very little.

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