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One Click Professional Installation

True to our roots of ensuring the best customer experience possible, we offer a "One Click" installation that requires only seconds of your time! A technician can set up the porgram remotely for you, allowing for a seamless install. This is designed to be among the easiest programs you've ever installed, and the most informative!

Should you have any questions about our program, how it works, or what some good practices are, our technician that is installing your program can provide you with immediate answers, and helpful tips on how to keep yourself secure and threat-free. From start to end, we strive to be the best backup program through superior security and technical assistance!

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Shadow Disk Optimization

Our program has many different settings and functions, and some functions work better for some sytems than others. Our technicians specialize in our program, and we strive to ensure that your installation will have the best settings possible for your system. Afterall, our system is designed to work seamlessly!

With varying security levels, each with their "pro's" and "con's", our technician can ensure that the security settings implimented on your system meet your hardware and software needs. For instance, some clients may not prefer encryption or folder stealth, while some clients want to be as secure as possible. We will work with your needs to ensure that our software provides the best experience possible!

One-Click Install
  • No Hassle, No Frustration!
  • Optimized For Your Needs
  • Personalized Experience
  • Access to a Technician For Your Questions
Is One Click Installation Included In All Service Plans?

Yes, our One Click Installation is the only installation method provided. Our program is advanced and complex, and we insist that our technicians install and optimize Shadow Disk, to prevent any issues.

Is Remote Technical Assistance Safe?

Yes, we use the Industry Standard remote desktop service provider TeamViewer. They specialize in remote assistance programs, and have advanced security measures to keep both our tecnicians and clients safe while interacting.

Can I uninstall Shadow Disk without Technical Support?

Yes, you are welcome to uninstall our program at any time through the standard "Programs and Features" section of the "Control Panel" on your system.

How Long Does The Install Take?

Installation takes typically less than 10 Minutes, however we highly encourage that you take this time to ask our technician questions to feel more comfortable with our program, and to better understand malicious software threats!

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