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Secure your Backups

Backup Encryption prevents unauthorized access to the information that you have backed up. This is critical for a well-rounded backup, as it prevents your Personal Identifying Information (PII) such as your bank account information, work documents, and private files from being accessible to unwanted intruders.

We believe that the best policy is to encrypt these backups with a Military Grade AES 256-Bit Encryption. Although it is not required to use our service, it is highly recommended for your safety and security purposes. Never give anyone the chance to steal or exploit your data!

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Seamless Encryption Integration

When our technicians assist with your Shadow Disk Backup installation, you will be given the opportunity to establish a password for your backups. After the first backup is made, all additional backups will use the same password. Upon request, our technicians are able to retain your password in the event that you ever forget your password.

The only time that a password should be required from you is during any recovery process, which our technicians can also assist you with. AES 256-Bit encryption is above the current industry standard for security. We offer only the best security for our clients!

Encryption Perks

  • Protected from Unauthorized Access
  • Seamless Integration
  • Trusted by Industry Leaders
  • Technical Support Retention
Is Encryption Included In All Service Plans?

Yes, Encryption is included in all service plans, and is established during the technical support install.

Does Encryption Prevent Backup Deletion?

No, Encryption does not protect from deletion, only unauthorized access. We use our exclusive Folder Stealth and Partition Stealth to protect against malicious deletion.

What Happens If I Lose My Encryption Password?

During the Shadow Disk Installation, our technician will ask if you would like us to store a backup of your password. If you do not agree, and have lost your password, your backups will be irrecoverable.

Does Encryption Impact My Ability to Backup or Recover?

No, the backup and recovery process is the same regardless of encryption settings.

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