Who made Shadow Disk?

We are small team of dedicated professional geeks.
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A Collaboration of Professional Skill Sets

Our software developers and staff combine a large array of skills to make Shadow Disk a reality. Backgrounds in Digital Forensics, Data Recovery, Information Technologies, Military Intelligence, and Digital Security allowed for our team to come up with Shadow Disk.

When we set out to create our backup program, it was not in an effort to actually backup client data, but rather to combat ransomware and viruses. Every day, thousands of people are infected with malicious software, and our program is designed to mitigate the hold that these malicious programs have on consumers, in a whole new way: Stealth. We are dedicated to customer service, software design, and staying ahead of ransomware and viruses!

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Passion About Perfection

We are incredibly dedicated in our inspiration to defeat ransomware and other malicious software. Infact, were so dedicated, we infect our own computers with ransomware and viruses, just to test out Shadow Disk, and ensure it works as expected: 100%.

Our dedication doesn't stop there. We aim to provide the best technical support possible, while making our program the easiest to use. With this inspiration, we have developed the "One Click Install" which takes you 5 seconds to get the installation started, and a technician will install it for you. This way, it is optimized from day one, and we strive to ensure that all clients stay optimized through our higher grade tiers of service.

Some Highlights

  • Designed to defeat Ransomware
  • Dedicated Technical Support
  • Lab Tested And Proven
  • Tested on 117+ Malicious Softwares


software enhancements


viruses defeated


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inspirations ignited

How did Shadow Disk Become An Idea?

Our Lead Programmer, Tyler Rouse, is a computer technician by trade, and observed an alarming number of clients seeking post-ransomware infection assistance. After several weeks of research and development, "Security by Stealth" became the prevention framework that Shadow Disk is built on.

How do you test Shadow Disk?

We test Shadow Disk by infecting lab computers with ransomware and viruses, and gauging the success of Shadow Disk by its backups' ability to withstand infection, and its ability to recover unaffected data. To date, both benchmarks are at and astounding 100% success rate.

Why offer Shadow Disk as a Service instead of a Product?

As a service that we can provide to our clients, it is much easier to regularly update our client software, and we want our clients to have the best experience possible with our software. No frustration, no mistakes, and no hassles.

What are our future development plans?

We are currently developing a new software at the moment that can detect a ransomwares' activity, and destroy the ransomware in progress. This is still in development, and is expected to launch in 2018.

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