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Managed Backups

The worst scenario for anyone making regular backups when they need them most, is to find out that their backups were not successful. True to our customer support focus, we offer a Managed Backup Service in our "Assurance +" and "Full Service" packages, which provide backup alerts to our technical support teams to ensure that you never miss a backup ever again! In the event that you miss a backup or have a unsuccessful backup, our technicians will notify you the same day, and offer remote technical support to resolve any issues.

Our dedication to client satisfaction provides you with the very best assistance and technical support possible, offering Phone, Email, Chat, and Remote Support at your convenience. Our featured Remote Support allows our technicians to easily and quickly resolve issues preventing successful backups. Never struggle on the phone with technical support again!

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Managed Backup Monthly Reports

For clients with the "Full Service" package, we compile a specialized report containing daily backup results, detailed technical notes, and statistics. Our Backup Supervisors analyze these reports to create plans that best suit client needs based on recurring issues, enabling our service to expand and become more efficient.

In addition to our monthly reports, a Software Optimization service is offered, allocating technicians to optimize your backup software with free updates to meet future needs or threats. The updates are installed by a technician to ensure that transition to newer versions of software is as easy and simple as possible.

Managed Backup Service
  • Failed Backup Alerts
  • Tech Support to Resolve Issues
  • Monthly Backup Reports
  • Update Install and Optimization
Is Managed Backup Included In All Service Plans?

No, Managed Backup is a service that is included only in the Assurance + and Full Service packages. This service is also temporarily included in the 30 Day Free Trial.

How will I Be Notified If I Miss A Backup?

Technicians will contact you via phone or email, based on your preference, the same day of the failed backup, and every subsequent day until the issue is resolved. We dedicated to our service to you!

How Complicated are The Backup Reports?

Our Managed Backup Monthly Reports are designed to be as easy as possible to read and interpret. If you ever have a question, or would like assistance, our Technical Support teams will be happy to assist!

How does the Monthly Optimization and Update Install Work?

Our Technicians will send out an email to you describing the new update, and ask for a time and day that is convenient for you. When the scheduled time and day arrives, simply press "Technical Support" in the Shadow Disk Main Menu!

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